Expectant Mothers

Are you pregnant and considering an adoption plan?

If you have found yourself in an unexpected pregnancy and want to learn more about the option of adoption, our team can meet with you and discuss what this may look like for you. If you choose to make an adoption plan, we can walk alongside you as the adoption entity to navigate through the process. As the adoption entity, we will be with you from the beginning steps of selecting an adoptive family for your child, through birth and placement with the adoptive family. We will be available to you by phone, text or email, and our services are all free to you.
It is important that you are able to create the adoption plan that you want for yourself and your child. This includes choosing the family that will adopt your child, and choosing how open you want your adoption, meaning how much continued contact you want to have with the adoptive family and your child. We can walk alongside of you while you make the decisions that are the best fit for you.
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Choosing an adoption plan is free for you, and you are able to receive financial support to cover your reasonable and necessary medical and living expenses during your pregnancy and six weeks post-partum.  

You can make an adoption plan at any time during your pregnancy or after the birth of your child.  We are available 24 hours a day to discuss the option of adoption with you. 

You.  You will create a hospital plan that is the right fit for you.

An outdated misconception about adoption is that a mother is giving up her child because she does not care for, love, or want to know that child.  But we know that this could not be farther from the truth!  There are many reasons that someone may choose an adoption plan for their child, and they all come from incredible love, and a desire for the child to have the best life.  In many cases, there is also a natural desire to continue to know the child and the adoptive family, which is where the term “open adoption” comes into play.  Research shows that continued contact between an adoptee and their first family is healthy for the adoptee and family.  Ultimately, you will decide what amount and what kind of continued contact you would like to have with the adoptive family and the child.  For some people, this may look like a monthly e-mail with photographs, and for others this may look like frequent contact and in person visits.  Once you set your goals for your continued adoption relationship, we will work to find an adoptive family that will agree to honor those goals so long as it remains healthy for the child.