The Heart behind the Lawyer and Logo

In 2016, my life changed forever when my husband and I grew our family through the adoption of our daughter.  I always knew that our hearts would hold the most incredible love for our child, but what I didn’t really understand until it happened, was that our hearts would also hold the deepest love and respect for our daughter’s first family.  Becoming a mother through adoption developed a passion in me to help expectant mothers and hopeful adoptive parents come together as one.

The image of mountains first entered the picture at brunch with our family after we finalized our adoption.  I was experiencing so much joy in that moment, but also feeling the sting of grief at the same time for our daughter’s first family.  I drew a very simple doodle of mountains and a valley that looked like our daughter’s name, but also symbolized the adoption process in such a real way to me.  

In the logo, the three mountains symbolize the adoption triad. The mountains on the sides represent the two families meeting and forming one larger, stronger family.  The highest mountain in the middle also represents the child- with the two families coming together as one, and also, both supporting and holding up the child.  Both families are necessary, both families are significant, and both families have the same importance for the adoptee.

As anyone who has worked with me will tell you, I use the phrase “adoption is a journey” all the time.  This image also captures that truth for me.  Adoption IS a journey- it’s a relationship, it’s loving and trusting someone because you both love the same child, and it’s full of unknowns.  There are peaks and there are valleys.  The best way to embark on this journey successfully is to lead with love, be well-prepared, but also flexible enough to handle the unknowns.  It is a journey, but it’s worth it.


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